German video games – 2 – Football Manager – Soccer Manager

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I used to play them with my cousins or friends: Football or Soccer Management Games. They are good examples for Hot-Seat-Games. These games let you play together at only one computer, because they are round-based-games.

The most memorable game for me is „Bundesliga Manager Hattrick“.

First you decide which soccer team you want to train and manage. You´re the coach and the manager at the same time.
Do you want to start with a top-team like Bayern Munich, and go for the national cup or Champions Leauge cup? Or do you want to start with a team, which plays in the second or third leauge?

The first thing you see after creating your character is the enormous options you have. You can transfer players, build up your stadium…You decide, what your players do in the training sessions, which tactics they use etc. It has great depth.
Every coach has other priorities and different playing styles will emerge.

The first goal is to win the national cup. If you achieve this, you can become the national coach.

Next time: More german games


German video games – 1 – The Settlers

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Germany is famous for beer, bratwurst and BMW. But in the game business, they are also famous for strategy and simulation games.

I like simulations and strategy games. I don´t have a good computer to play the newest ones, like Civ V or Star Craft 2. I have two consoles, but almost everybody will have the same opinion like me: These games are meant to be played on a PC with mouse and keyboard.

Because I can´t play this newer video games, I thought, it would be nice to remember the classics.

Settlers 2

The first game I want to introduce to you, or maybe you know it, is „The Settlers“, in german „Die Siedler“. It´s a game in which you can build your own kingdom. The game has a complex resource tree: There are producing building, which grow crops or mine minerals. These goods are transported to other buildings, which make bread or weapons of them.

Every citizen of your kingdom has a job. Most of them transport goods from one building to another. The other settlers have a profession, like baker or miner.

To expand your little village you have to build barracks. These will widen your borders and you can reach further places from your castle.

In these baracks are soldiers, who will fight your enemies. You can send them to the enemy´s barracks to conquer new land.

Settlers 6

It was a successful game and they reached the 7th installment of it in 2010.

Next Time: Other famous german Games

Wir freuen uns auf… Kirby: Epic Yarn

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Preview, Wii, Release: voraussichtlich 1. Quartal 2011 (
Entwickler: Good-Feel und HAL Laboratory

Kirby in einer Welt voll Garn. Nach den Trailern zu urteilen, wurden viele nette Ideen ins Spiel gebracht. Reißverschlüsse ziehen, um Brücken zu bauen. Der Stoff aus dem die Träume sind.

Am meisten freuen wir uns auf den Coop-Modus. Gemeinsam das Spiel durchzuspielen, macht vielleicht auch doppelt so viel Spaß.

Hier noch ein Trailer von der E3:

Flash: Wie schließt man ein NES an?

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In diesem Flash-Film wird gezeigt, wie man ein NES anschließt. Gefunden hier.


News: Alphabet der Videospiele

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Ein nette Zusammenstellung. Von A wie Atari bis Z wie Zelda.

via Kotaku

Die besten Wii Spiele – Top Empfehlungen

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Eine neue Liste. Sie wird aktualisiert, wenn neue gute Spiele rauskommen. Empfehlungen von den Lesern werden gerne angenommen. Außerdem listen wir nur Spiel auf, die wir selbst schon gespielt haben.

Außerdem verzichten wir erstmal auf eine Wertung, weil wir viele Spiele noch nicht durchgespielt haben. Die Spiele, die wir besonders gut fanden, bekommen jedenfalls ein GOLD-Award.

WiiWare-Spiel finden Sie hier:

Bild Wertung Name Genre
noch ohne Wertung A Boy And His Blob Puzzle / Jump´n´Run
Donkey Kong Country Returns Jump´n´Run
Endless Ocean 2 Simulation
Epic Mickey Jump´n´Run
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Strategie
Kirby und das magische Garn Puzzle / Jump´n´Run
Klonoa Jump´n´Run
Mad World Action
Mario Kart Wii Rennspiel
Mario Strikers: Charged Football Fußball
Mario und Sonic bei den Olympischen Spielen 2008 Sport

Mario und Sonic bei den Olympischen Winterspielen 2010 Sport
Mercury Meltdown Revolution Puzzle
Metroid Prime Curruption Action
Metroid Prime Trilogy Action
Metroid: Other M Action
Monster Hunter Tri Action-Adventure
Muramasa: The Demon Blade Action
New Super Mario Bros. Jump´n´Run
No More Heroes Action
No More Heroes 2 Action
Okami Action-Adventure
Punch Out Sport Boxen
Red Steel 2 Action
Resident Evil 4 – Wii Edition Action
Sin and Punishment: Successor Of the Skies Action / Shooter
Sonic und die geheimen Ringe Jump´n´Run

Super Mario Galaxy Jump´n´Run

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Jump´n´Run

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Beat ´em Up
Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars Beat´em Up

The Legend Of Zelda – Twilight Princess Action-Adventure
Wario Land Shake It Jump´n´Run
Wario Ware: Smooth Moves Spielesammlung
Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort Sport
Zack & Wiki: Der Schatz von Barbados Adventure

News: Call Of Duty: Black Ops – 7 Millionen Mal verkauft an Tag 1

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Wie meldet, ist Call Of Duty: Black Ops runde 7 Millionen Mal am ersten Tag über die Ladentheke gegangen und ist damit das „fastest-selling game“ aller Zeiten. Es überholt damit den Vorgänger Modern Warfare 2 mit 10 % mehr verkauften Einheiten am Release-Tag.

Xbox 360 : 59 %
PS3: 36 %
Rest: PC, Wii, DS

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